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Work Experience

Director of PR and Marketing

Marketing and Social Media Manager

Organization: Delta Delta Delta

  • Curated content across 7 social platforms to achieve a cohesive identity.

  • Launched 4 brand new accounts to spread the organization‘s awareness to the target audience

  • Tracked and analyzed weekly analytics to remain competitive to similar organizations

  • Created viral TikToks with over 55.2K views resulting in increased organization awareness amongst target audiences.

Organization: Active Culture Natural Cafe

  • Pitched, developed, and produced short form video content for TikTok

  • Collaborated with marketing teams to design promotional campaigns

  • Produced content to promote seasonal items

Organization: Jewel Box Children's Theater

  • Wrote copy for social posts with 100% grammatical accuracy

  • Created original graphics to increase fundraising efforts resulting in over $11,000 donated

  • Promoted events through social platforms

Organization: PaperCrane tattoo Studio

  • I track and analyze analytics amongst brand and brand competitors and increased social posting by 50% to increase overall engagement

  • So far, PaperCrane's account has grown to over 20.9k followers

  • I manage content from 8 artists to curate a cohesive online brand identity and produce short form video content resulting in a 20% increase in overall engagement

Organization: Sing With Anne

  • Implemented a regular posting schedule garnering a 10% increase in followers

  • I track weekly analytics to remain competitive among similar organizations and collaborate in designing orginal graphics

  • Writes original copy resulting in a 50% increase in engagement

Marketing Intern

Organization: BlueOcean AI

  • Writes original blog posts

  • Implemented a regular posting schedule for blog and social posts

  • Designs original graphics that enhance brand identity

  • Writes social copy for LinkedIn and Twitter posts

  • Increased LinkedIn engagement by 11.5% and website traffic by 44% in one quarter

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